Travel blog calls Albuquerque a ‘coffee mecca’

If the aroma doesn’t sweep you off your feet, the sounds, and intricate techniques that go into one cup of coffee surely will.

"I think it smells and feels like New Mexico," said Madison Rumbaugh, the business development manager for New Mexico Pinon Coffee.

For more than 20 years, New Mexico Pinon Coffee has cultivated a coffee connoisseur culture.

"Coffee in Albuquerque really has a long history, you know, and it’s definitely has a moment right now where you saw the breweries start to build up steam a few years back, coffee is really starting to do that here," Rumbaugh said.

Recognized in a travel blog as a new coffee mecca, the Albuquerque local coffee industry is booming with more people enjoying a home-grown taste and more roasters capitalizing on a refined flavor, Rumbaugh said. From Humble Coffee, Red Rock Roasters, Java Joes, and Satellite Coffee, take your pick.

"It’s a great way to get people who are more familiar with going to chains and stuff to get to experience locally roasted coffee and the difference it makes and tastes," said Avery Edwards with Satellite Coffee.

Rumbaugh said there’s a reason.

"The millennials or Gen Zs care about where their products come from in general and what they’re putting in their bodies. They really like to support local," she said.

In addition to the coffee boom bringing more business, jobs and opportunity to the metro, local coffee shops are giving back.

"Just recently we were able to do a nice donation to a lot of teachers in the area," Edwards said.

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